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WELCOME TO OLYMPUS. MARK Khiop has only just moved in and plans on connecting with friends, starting with a house party. Mark is a contractor who develops video game worlds. The worlds are like other dimensions to Mark -dimensions where the player can explore another 'thread' of the multiverse that we all live in. It is a place where there are other creatures to meet, as well as other players, and three dimensions are only the beginning. Not everyone is friendly, however, as Mark is soon to find out. Mark also delves into a very active dreamscape that he can interact with, much like the video games he designs. Mark not only likes designing his own universe 'thread,' he also loves exploring connections with others. The only questions are what cannot be designed and what connection cannot be bridged. Moving In THE DARK BROWNS MIXED with black, and slivers of red seemed to dance ferociously to an endless depth within, as if his eyes were as vast as a galaxy. Mark's smooth skin provided a nice resting place for his trimmed shimmering auburn hair, having a shine that was nearly identical in color to his eyes. His slightly elongated face had some unique features, which Tia was scrutinizing. His full lips looked as if they were made for kissing. Tia turned and looked at the ceiling as she lay in the modern larger-than-king-size soft silky bed. This was nice. Mark had been equally scrutinizing Tia's long shiny black locks of hair and her soft lips. He had difficulty locating a blemish on her similarly smooth skin while admiring her puppy-dog green eyes. The silk bed was so soft and comfortable, he thought to himself as he reached his hand under the sheets toward Tia's back where he lightly moved his hand, barely touching her skin. Responding with enthusiasm, Tia's lips reached for his, and they began the exploration of each other's faces. A loud sound interrupted the scene, and Mark opened his eyes with force. There he stared at the usual ceiling while reaching for his tablet with the intention of ending the loud alarm. "Those dreams are awesome," he muttered to himself. He had another code coordinate now -representation would match with what? Freeing himself from his silk sheets, he located the bags of clothing not too far from his bed. Reaching back, he effortlessly tossed his throw blanket in a single toss on his bed, causing his bed to look like it was already made with neatly curved folds. The bare white walls complemented the fresh carpet smell of the room he had slept in. Mark had barely begun to move into his newly acquired house, having signed the loan merely a few days ago. The clean sparsely furnished house gave the exciting vibe of future thrills. This house is full of possibilities he knew would be awesome. Mark whisked down the stairs while the soft velvety black carpet shimmered, satisfying his feet; he made his way to the brand-new kitchen. Effortlessly, with a sort of partial attention, Mark carved one scoop of espresso from the bag and started his morning cup. Navigating the maze of still-packed housing items, Mark reached for the mouse on his home entertainment system. Immediately, the TV began displaying the current video news from various Internet news sources. The system was preprogrammed to show news on certain topics and about specific things should they be found in the news sources. The news showed pictures of the messed-up room of a house. "Thieves ransacked the house of Dacian Wilson. Dacian, a blind local resident, records the audio of his house, and the intruders were apparently silent, leaving almost no trace on the audio recordings. It took police several hours to even detect the activity of the drawers opening when they stole personal articles. Puzzling investigators, the apparent thieves stole very little, if anything, yet leaving the house ransacked." The newscast continued, eventually moving to the next story that muffled as Mark made his way toward the shower. After a quick wash, Mark meticulously detailed his face, hair, and teeth before quickly tossing a neatly pressed shirt around his torso. Mark reached down and swiftly pressed his feet into a pair of thin leather slip-on shoes that snugly seemed to attach to his feet all the way to his ankles. Grabbing his car keys, he made an exit for his old yet gleaming green Acura TL. Shifting into gear, Mark was really comfortable in this car. He streamed down the small highway with extremely swift maneuvering actions, causing slightly thrusting movements. Slowing not nearly enough, Mark made a turn into the parking lot, coming to a swift halt in one of the spots designated for his company. Mark managed his mouse with ease, maneuvering the onscreen 3-D wireframe to various angles. The design aspect of this job was nearly completed, and he would soon need to find another contract, but for now, he continued his task at hand. To his right, a slender lanky male in basic jeans and T-shirt sat, shifting back and forth while utilizing the mouse and jotting something on a tablet. His long dark-brown hair was flowing around as he repeatedly relocated it in order to continue what he was doing. "How is the object positioning going?" Mark finally said with a smirk. "Fine, tedious work, but someone's got to do it," Tink responded in a sort of negative quiet tone. Everything had to align just right; otherwise, it would look odd during rendering. Mark looked toward Tink, his eyes following Tink's movements. Smirking, Mark interrupted Tink. "Did you check the gamescape I made? What do you think?" Tink, pausing momentarily, said, "Yeah, besides working in it now, I took some time to 'check-it.' It is quite plush and detailed and should be a blast for the player." Mark stood and casually strolled to Tink's desk. He braced himself on Tink's desk, allowing him to easily share viewing of the screen. "You like the city? I call it Olympia. It rains a bit more frequently there, giving added game effects", Mark proudly commented then turned to gauge Tink's response. Tink smiled. "Ah, Olympia? Not Olympus? It is good to show creativity. As I said, it should be a blast." "Tink, will you show at my housewarming party" I'm calling it the Face Reality Party so no drunken in-denial types can make it through the night," Mark elaborated while laughing. "Also, there is a dress code." Tink, now showing genuine interest, swiftly turned to look him in the eye. "Dress code? No jeans, then?" Tink's dark eyes and long hair make him look like he could possibly be Indian. "You can either be in costume or nice attire. No jeans, and there will not be any beer," Mark zapped. "I'll be there", Tink responded assuredly, with an absoluteness. Mark found that people seemed to show interest simply after he stated the dress code. After a full day of work and organizing the house, Mark finally located his bed and shifted into a sleep state of mind. Mark found himself traveling along a mainland beach populated with palm trees. Looking inland, he pushed upward, immediately leaping high into the air. He began to soar a great distance, and he had complete control of direction. As he began to descend, he pushed upward again and leaped even without land underfoot. After traveling for some time, he came upon a small town. Here he descended in a controlled manner, landing with a hard thump, causing the ground to shake a bit.