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Author Akutra-Ramses Atenosis Cea.

As mentioned in "Bring Your Fiction To Life" by Karen S. Wiesner

Hyperleap to alternate realms with mystery, dreams and battle.

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     WELCOME TO OLYMPUS an alternate world similar yet different to earth. Tech savvy video game developer Mark Kheops has the secret ability of connecting to entangled worlds and must foil the plans of abducting intruders while exploring other and parallel worlds. Mark is a stylishly slick and highly skilled video game developer who has a few extra abilities and an army of spiders in a parallel universe.

Nearly everything is a mysterious connection “to something” and the dream landscape blends with reality when Mark inadvertently connects to a world located on the cusp of a black hole opening the door to new and unusual entities. Not everyone is friendly, however, as Mark is soon to find out. Mark also delves into a very active dreamscape that he can interact with, much like the video games he designs. Mark not only likes designing his own universe “thread,” he also loves exploring connections with others. The only questions are what cannot be designed and what connection cannot be bridged.

SpiderSilk front cover
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