Mark Khiop is a highly successful, creative contractor who develops video game worlds down to the last detail. Sometimes his imagination even pour into his night life, where he experiences extremely realistic lucid dreams that feature repeat characters. Word of Mark's skill travels fast, and he is soon offered a new contract with Applied Dynamics.

The scene is an alternate world, similar yet different to earth. Mark Kheops has the secret ability of connecting to entangled worlds and must foil the plans of abducting intruders while exploring other and parallel worlds. Mark is a stylishly slick and highly skilled video game developer who has a third eye, a few extra abilities and an army of spiders in a parallel universe.

Nearly everything is a mysterious connection “to something” and the dream landscape blends with reality when Mark inadvertently connects to a world located on the cusp of a black hole opening the door to new and unusual entities. His next contract has him working for a boss from the intruders’ world suggesting that he may be next on the list. The abducting intruders are making off with friends and valuables increasing the urgency of the situation.

Invisible hands and dark omens make the objective ahead all that more perilous.

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